What to Listen To – Running, Working, and Lounging Music

I think it is safe to say that it is the time of the year that you cannot complain about Christmas music. We are a mere eleven days away, have had a few snowfalls, and downtowns are being lined with … Read More

Patriot’s Day and the Boston Marathon

Ah, Boston. The fabled beast in the marathon world. One of the races you can simply say the city and everyone knows what it means. The race where your time mattered to get in but not so much when you … Read More

Most Memorable Marathon Moment

I have had the fortunate opportunity to be on the production side of major running races for the past 7 years. We sometimes call ourselves the ‘elves in the woodwork’ who raid the streets in the middle of the night … Read More

Sick & Addicted

It hit me like a freight train. As a kid who had strep throat at least once a year, the ol’ immune system has really shaped up and I cannot even remember the last time I ‘lost my lunch’- other … Read More