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Pints for Patriots

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November 11, 2017


Masthead Brewery
1261 Superior Ave,
Cleveland, OH 44114


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Run and Workout
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This Veteran's Day, turn your Saturday morning workout into one that supports our local military heroes! Cleveland Brewery Runs will be hosting a unique, outdoor run/circuit training type event at Masthead Brewing Co. to benefit Cleveland's chapter of Team RWB (Red, White & Blue.) Team RWB's mission is to enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity. Post workout, a portion of every pint's sale (and food) will be donated back to our Team RWB Cleveland/Akron chapter. This event is a joint collaboration between HealthSource of Avon & the Runiversity to support Team RWB with generous support from Masthead Brewery and CTown Strength and conditioning.

Event Location: http://mastheadbrewingco.com/

Masthead Brewery, 1261 Superior Ave, Cleveland, OH 44114

** Join us after for some AWESOME BEER & FOOD! Seriously, it's fantastic.

Cost - all proceeds go to Pints for Patriots:

- Event - $10/person
- Event & Shirt - $20/person

How it works:

- Teams of 4 will be given a 6 envelopes representing different branches of the military
- Envelopes will contain clues to monuments and other armed forces related areas around Cleveland and a physical exercise
- Teams must first visit the location to get credit and may take a team photo for bonus points
- Teams will then return to Masthead Brewing's parking lot and have 2 minutes to cumulatively do as many repetitions of the physical exercise as possible.
- The team with the most points wins!
- Time limit: 75 minutes


Workout equipment provided by: http://www.trainctown.com/
- Running = 5 point for each tenth (.1) of a mile ran
- Sandbag Shoulder Press = 1 point per rep
- Sled Push = 5 points per length pushed
- Burpees = 2 points per rep
- Farmer Carry = 5 points per length
- Weighted Squat = 2 points per rep
- Slam Ball = 1 point per slam

Example of Clues:

- Your team elects to complete the Air Force envelope first.
- As a team, you find the location and take a team photo and then return back to the back parking lot of Masthead. Team photo is 20 bonus points.
- Your team has 2 minutes to complete as many lengths as possible on the sled push.
- Your team completes 15 lengths. 15 lengths at 5 points per length = 75 points plus you ran 1.4 miles = 70 points. This gives your team 165 points (20 + 75 + 70 = 165).

Cleveland Brewery Runs is a free, monthly brewery run hosted by HealthSource of Avon & The Runiversity.

Facebook Event Link : https://www.facebook.com/events/489094034792968/