Our Mission in 2019 & beyond

Runiversity is committed to creating exciting events that leave only memories in the minds of our participants and footprints on the roads we traverse. We take sustainability seriously as a company and will continue to research and implement green initiatives at our produced and supported events. As we run through 2019, we will do our best to leave only footprints- and sometimes not even that.


Bike to the Event

Cleveland and the surrounding cities have been adding bike-friendly roads and protected lanes. We know there is a long way to go but this offers more safety and accessibility to local residents to get from A to B. The majority of the runs we attend are within 10 miles of downtown Cleveland and this is a great way to avoid the hassle of parking, give the legs a shake-out, and can even earn you some goodies through our Bike-To-The-Run initiative.


Consider driving with a friend or running buddy to the next event. This will keep you honest with getting out of bed in the morning and make the run more enjoyable as a whole. They say misery loves company and though we do not find running miserable {usually}, we have felt the pain of mile 23 of a marathon. Having somewhere there beside you can make this that much easier.


We will have separate trash and recycling areas at the finish line of our races. Take the extra 5 seconds to make sure your throw-aways finds there way into the correct area.


As our initiative states, we will strive to leave our event venues better then we found them and reduce our carbon footprint. For trail events, we will go one step farther and avoid leaving an impact on the trails we run. This is especially important during wet and muddy times of the year. This takes a great effort from our runners, volunteers, and staff to be happen, and we truly appreciate all your help in making it possible.

Our 2019 Initiatives

  • Offer a Bike-To-The-Run Program to drive less and move more. Bike to our next event = earn free stuff/discounts!
  • Use compostable/recyclable cups for fluids at water stop and post runs.
  • Offer apparel-free sign up options.
  • Reduce waste going to landfills to 1 bag per 500 people at our events.

Bike-To-The-Run Program

For those who have done our events in the past, we love adding a little craft beer to the post-run festivities. And before we announce and open up registration for our 2019 events, we will have a full Bike-To-The-Run Program in collaboration with our local partners to entice you to dust off your ten-speed and bike to the run. Stay tuned!

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