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Beer Mile Rules & Regulations

A Beer Mile can be broken down into a few simple words: 4 Beers, 4 Laps, 1 Mile.

7 Beer Rules – HOW IT WORKS:

  1. Each competitor drinks four cans (or bottles) of beer and run 4 laps around the 400 meter course. The sequence is 1st BEER, 1st LAP, 2nd BEER, 2nd LAP, 3rd BEER, 3rd LAP, 4th BEER, 4th LAP, and FINISH.
  2. Beer must be consumed in the ‘Chug Zone’ before each lap begins. The ‘Chug Zone’ is a 10 meter long zone before the start/finish line.
    If a competitor violates any rule then they must run a ‘Victory Lap’ which consists of an additional lap following their 4th lap WITHOUT having to drink another beer. If they BLATANTLY violate any rule, they are disqualified.
  3. Everyone is on the SAME playing field. Women and men drink the same size and quantity of beer.
  4. Competitors can choose between four 12oz cans or four 12oz bottles.
  5. Beers may not be tampered with or have any ‘advantageous’ design. This includes but is not limited to wide mouth cans, shot-gunning orpuncturing, straws, funnels, or yak piss.
  6. Beers must be a minimum of 5% alcohol by volume to keep within the standard Beer Mile rules. No Hard Ciders and Lemonades- those can be enjoyed after.
  7. Each beer can or bottle MUST NOT BE OPENED until the competitor has entered the ‘Chug Zone’ for that given lap.